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Product Description:
​The super-comfortable, super stable Rascal 3 wheel scooter is made by Electric Mobility, one of the best in the business. It sports an impressive range of safety and manoeuvrability features. It has a very power full motor and can take people up to 30 stone. On any terrain the Rascal mobility scooter moves very easy and feels very comfortable.

Rascal 3 wheel 4mph Mobility Scooter Features:

​* The Rascal 3 wheel scooter moves up to 6 mph and will go as many as 10 miles on just one battery charge.
​* Super-easy dismantling for transport or storage.
* The Bosun seat swivels and features a sliding function for the rider’s comfort.
* Heavy-duty rear bumpers.
* Easy of steering with front suspension and oversized, solid tyres.
* 350W power motor.
* Charging socket is right on the back body
* Automatic electric safety brake system.
* Fully adjustable arm rests and easy in step steering wheel.
* Side reflectors plus front and rear lights come standard on the unit.
* On-board charger, too.
* Sealed lead acid batteries are maintenance-free.
* Max. wt. Capacity = 30 stone (190kg).